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 Our Focus, simply stated, is TJMG Properties will protect your investment by: keeping your property attractive and desirable through meticulous attention to detail and maintenance, passing along economies of scale, and implementing periodic inspections in order to prevent rather than to fix problems.


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Our Services include:

Tenant Selection
Prospective tenants are required to provide all information requested on our extensive Application Forms, along with relevant ID. We have a strict tenant approval process and tenants are selected if the information supplied reaches the standards we require.

Lease Preparation
The Tenant Placement fee covers all the costs of attaining new tenants, excluding certain media advertising. This includes all showings, initial inspection, reference checking, logging of security deposit, drawing up a Lease Agreement and any other documentation.

Initial and Final Inspection
An “Initial Inspection” is carried out prior to the tenant taking possession of the property. It consists of a complete report on the condition of the property. The tenants receive a copy and sign off on it. This inspection is then used as a guide for the “Final Inspection” at the end of the tenancy taking into account wear and tear.  We also take photos which form part of the initial inspection and can resolve any problems when the tenant leaves the property.  We can also undertake a furniture inventory if the property is furnished.

Rent Payments
Tenants pay rent via several methods. These include, ACH Transfer, Cash, Check, or Money order via online at our dedicated portal within, through the mail, or dropped off at our office. Rental payments will be deposited into your dedicated bank account, owned by you.  You will have a unique user ID/password to monitor this account online.

Security Deposits
At the commencement of the Tenancy, a Security Deposit (typically 1 month rent) is collected and deposited into a Trust Account owned and maintained by TJMG Properties.  You will receive monthly reports outlining the balance and activity of the security deposits.

Rent collections is checked daily and followed up with appropriate action – phone call, letter, or forms are served on whatever the situation calls for to ensure rental payments are kept up to date. A detailed escalation process beginning with late fees and ending with eviction is clearly documented and will be provided for your review.

Ongoing Management – Management Fee
The management fee is charged on all monies collected on your behalf. Management fees cover the day to day running of the property, tenant and landlord relations, a 24/7 call center, arranging maintenance, site visits, processing rental payments, rent collections, etc.

Routine Inspections
Routine Inspections are carried out every three months, a report of the inspection is forwarded to you with your end of month statement. Any preventative maintenance or other matters of an urgent nature are reported to you immediately to enable us to take the necessary action.

Maintenance & Repairs
We have several qualified and insured handymen directly on our payroll able to cover any maintenance or repairs that are required.  We simply bill you for material + our standard labor rate.  If the scope of the repair is beyond the skills of our group, we will reach out to our extended team and secure the best service at the best price.

End of Month Statements
At the end of each month, a Statement is issued detailing:
– Rents Collected less all Expenses paid (P&L)
– Detailed Management Fee Invoice, including any Tenant Placement fees
– Detailed log of maintenance & repairs made

In addition to the monthly P&L items above you will also receive:
– Current Rent Roll
– List of delinquent tenants, showing balance owed and the current status within the escalation process


Call us at 315.299.4277 or fill out the form to the right and schedule a free evaluation!