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Renting 101 – 6 Helpful Tips

Renting 101 – 6 Helpful Tips

Moving can be a fun thing, or in some cases, a necessity. The change can be a happy time, or it can be bogged down with uncertainty. Especially for first time renters. New to renting or not, we think the following six tips are not only beneficial, but we hope that they help you in some way.

  1. Drive through the neighborhood at various times during the day and evening. The area might seem like a dream come true, but there may be issues to take into consideration. For example, excessive school bus traffic in the morning during your commute, plane traffic overhead, a rowdy local business, neighbors who like loud parties, or suspicious vehicles.
  2. Read your lease carefully before you sign it. Especially the fine print! Be 100% sure how much the rent and security deposit is. Question what can be deducted from the security deposit, and how soon you can expect it to be returned to you when the time comes to vacate.
  3. Get any and all verbal promises made by the landlord in writing. One good example, if he tells you can have a pet, and it isn’t on the lease, get it in writing!
  4. Know what repairs the landlord is responsible for, and what he expects you to take care of. Question how the repairs will be handled, and what the time frame usually is on getting them done.
  5. Get renters insurance! It may even be required of you in the lease, but either way, it’s really important. And, in most cases, inexpensive too.
  6. Check with your landlord, and double check your lease, before you make any changes to your apartment. If the landlord tells you that it is okay to paint, make sure he approves the color before you apply it, and see tip number 3. Get it in writing!

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