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5 Easy Bathroom Updates that will Increase the Value of Your Home

5 Easy Bathroom Updates that will Increase the Value of Your Home

Easy Bathroom updates that make sense to sink your hard earned money into.

According to an article I read over at, you can get a 102% recoup rate on the sale of your home if you remodel your bathroom before putting it on the market.  If you don’t have $10k to sink into one small space, try these minor DIY renovations to spruce up your powder room.

–           Paint your bathroom vanity or cabinets.  That 1980’s oak look is tired.

–           Paint the walls.  If the bathroom is small, stick with a light color.

–           Add plants to your bathroom. Ferns or succulents are great.

–           Re-caulk – EVERYTHING.

–           Re-frame your mirror or just replace it if it’s that bad.

The simplest of changes in a space, especially a small one like your bathroom – can make a big difference. Less is more in the bathroom.

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